Louisville Arcade Expo

March 2-4 2018

An annual event featuring pinball, console games, classic computers, cosplay, vendors, retro goodness

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About Us

What is the Louisville Arcade Expo?

Do you remember arcades in shopping centers and malls filled with video games and pinball machines? Did you ever play Adventure on the Atari 2600? How about making a greeting card with an Apple II and using Print Shop? With hundreds of Arcade and Pinball machines set on Free Play, and every console you can imagine up to 1999, the Louisville Arcade Expo is where you can relive you memories. Best of all, bring your family and show them how good you are at some real gaming. Kids 10 and under are free with a paid adult admission.

Pre-registration has ended, see you at the show

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Weekend Pass

This year we have switched to a new ticketing system to hopefully make things easier for everyone. Thanks to everyone who pre-registered.
(Kids 10 and under get in free with an Adult paid admission)

Show Hours

2pm to Midnight
10am to Midnight
10am to 4pm


1776 Plantside Dr, Louisville, KY 40299

The 2018 show marks the eighth year of the Louisville Arcade Expo. The location is the Triple Crown Pavilion on 1776 Plantside Drive, right behind the Ramada Plaza near Hurstbourne and I-64. Other than games on free play, there will be seminars, vendors, a costume contest and gaming tournaments.

We have a great rate at the Ramada of $79.95... click HERE to book a room for the weekend. The Ramada also has a free shuttle from the airport, so fly in and have a good time all weekend.


A weekend full of retro excitement!

Pinball and Arcade Video Games

Lots of games on free play and pinball tournaments ran by our friends at PAPA pinball.

Classic Consoles

Everything from Pong to games made at the beginning of this century!

Classic Computers

All the games you love on the systems that you grew up on.


Come dressed as your favorite characters and enter our costume contest.


Friday and Saturday night enjoy some fine gaming inspired acts.


Looking for a hard to find classic game, or some great hand made gaming art? It's probably here.

Special Guests

As usual we have some special gaming related guests and activites planned for the weekend!

Dwight Sullivan

Dwight Sullivan is a programmer for Stern Pinball and has been a part of making many amazing games through the years. He also worked at Williams in the past and has many amazing titles to his credit including Star Trek the Next Generation and Terminator 2. Dwight recently worked on the new Star Wars game from Stern, and before that he worked on Ghost Busters, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek to name a few.

Dwight"s sofware and rule coding all have a distinctive style that make his games some of the best ever made and a favorite of ours.

Come play THE FEUD - WITHOUT THE FAMILY with Game Developers Dwight Sullivan and Corey Stup on Saturday afternoon! There is no doubt in our mind this will be a seminar to remember.

Please help us welcome him to Kentucky and attend his seminar on Saturday afternoon.

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson is a software developer for Jersey Jack Pinball and has worked on many amazing games including the new Pirates of the Caribbean game from Jersey Jack pinball, that will be at the show. Keith was also responsible for the Wizard of Oz, and Hobbit software as well. When he worked for Stern Pinball he worked on The Simpson's Pinball Party and the Lord of the Rings pinball machine among others. His games are known for deep rule sets and are well loved by any pinball enthusiast.

Keith will be speaking Friday evening at the show in a seminar entitled: Pinball, Programming, and Pirates. We are excited to welcome him as a speaker!

Mega Ran

We are excited to welcome back Mega Ran to the show! Meg Ran will be performing Saturday evening.

From Mega Ran's Website:
"A former middle school teacher, Mega Ran (formerly Random) blends education, hip-hop and gaming in amazing new ways, penetrating the farthest reaches of the galaxy with his unique rhyme style and electric performances.

Ran cut his teeth in the city of Philadelphia as a moonlighting emcee and producer, performing, freestyle rapping, producing and later engineering at a studio. After relocating to Phoenix, competing in the Scribble Jam emcee battle championships and taking an early exit, Ran almost quit before he was even started, when a creative lightning bolt struck, and a fire was lit.

Various video game developer co-signs and admiration from the genre's toughest critics have led to placements in TV, movies, university coursework, and of course, games. Random's music and story have been shared on stages across the world, on television (ABC/NBC News, ESPN, Portlandia, Tosh.O, WWE Wrestling) and in leading music, gaming and tech publications, print and online.

Today, Random is no longer a teacher by title, but maintains a rigorous touring and recording schedule, traveling the world to entertain and educate through the gift of rhyme. With over 3 million YouTube views and a legion of smart art fans he calls "Team Mega" beside him, the future looks brighter than ever.

Schedules for Download

Picture of LAX Tournament Schedule
Click the image above to download a copy of the Tournament Schedule in a pdf format.

Picture of LAX Event Schedule
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Picture of LAX Map
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Game List (Tentative)

At our show we bring all of the console and computer games, and a lot of the arcade games, but we also rely on collectors to bring their games to share with people as well. So some of the games will be for sale or for trade, and some will just be there for you to play and enjoy. We have also learned through the years that just because we expect a game to show up, doesnt mean it will, because a lot of these are old and might break right before the show, or life happens and a game can't make it for some other reason. With all that being said, here is a tentative list of games we expect to have at the show. There are a lot of people who just tell us they are bringing X numbers of games as well and not a title, so dont look at this as a definitive list. All we can say is, we think this year will be awesome, and there will be plenty of games and things for you to enjoy. Many more games then are on this list should be at the show.
Many thanks to all the collectors who put in the time and effort to bring machines to the show. We really appreciate it!

Console and Computer Games

System NameManufacturerYear Release   Games to Play
Pong system - Wonder WizardWonder Wizard1976Pong
Atari Pinball systemAtari1977
Atari 2600Atari1977Pitfall, Outlaw, Combat, Video Pinball
Nintendo Color TV-Game 15 Nintendo197815 Variations of Pong
Atari 5200Atari1982Ms Pac Man
Atari 7800Atari1986Food Fight
Atari XEGSAtari1987Bug Hunt, Miner 2049er
ColecovisionColeco1982Tapper, Smurfs, etc
Cassette Vision JrEpoch1981Yosaku
Super Cassette VisionEpoch1983Punch Boy
Vectrex General Consumer Electronics1982Armor Attack, Minestorm, Fortress of Narzod
Emerson Arcadia Emerson1982Tanks a LOT
FamicomNintendo1983Crisis Force, Gradius II, Contra,
Famicom Disk SystemNintendo1986Mario 2 (The Original from Japan)
NESNintendo1985Punch Out, Contra, SMB, Excitebike, Jackal, Blades of Steel, etc
Sega Master SystemSega1986ThunderForce, Ninja
PC EngineNEC1987Dodgeball, Dragon Saber, etc
Sega GenesisSega1989Streets of Rage 2, Sonic, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Fix it Felix Jr
Turbo Grafx 16NEC1989Bonk's Revenge, Parasol Stars
SupergrafxNEC1989Ghoul's n Ghosts
Super FamicomNintendo1990Godzilla
Super Nintendo Nintendo1991Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, NBA JAM TE
Philips CD-i Philips1991Zelda Wand of Gamelon, Link: Faces of Evil
Neo Geo AESSNK1991Samurai Shodown 2
Neo Geo CDSNK1993Wind Jammers
Sega CDSega1992Sonic CD, Surgical Strike
3DO3DO1993Way of the Warrior
Pioneer LaseractivePioneer1993Pyramid Patrol
Atari Jaguar Atari1993Kasumi Ninja, etc
Sega 32X Sega1994Mortal Kombat II, Space Harrier
PC FXNEC1994Battle Heat
Sega SaturnSega1995Daytona USA, Panzer Dragoon, etc
PlaystationSony1995Incredible Crisis, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, etc
Virtual BoyNintendo1995Wario Land, Mario Tennis
BS SatellaviewNintendo1996BS Zelda
Nintendo 64Nintendo1996Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Super Smash Bros
Nintendo 64 DDNintendo1999Mario Artist
Sega DreamcastSega1999Ikaruga, MvsC2, Virtua Tennis, Last Blade 2, Crazy Taxi, etc


Addams Family
Airborne Avenger
Back To The Future
Bad Cats
Barb Wire
Batman 66
Batman Forever
Big Hurt
Black Hole pinball
Black Jack
Black Knight Pinball
Bride of Pinbot
Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball
Dialed In LE
Doctor Who
Eight Ball Deluxe
F-14 Tomcat
Family Guy
Fireball Pinball
Freddy: Nightmare on Elm Street
Funhouse (Williams)
Game of Thrones
Gottlieb Ship Ahoy (Buccaneer)
Gottlieb Spring Break
Guardians of the Galaxy
Hard Bodies Pinball
High Speed
Hot Tip
Indiana Jones
Lethal Weapon 3
Mata Hari
Middle Earth
Mike Bossy
Party Animal
Pirates of the Carribean LE
Playboy (Data East)
Rat Race
Revenge From Mars
Rob Zombie's Spookshow International
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Sharkey's Shootout
Silverball Mania
Sing Along
Slug Fest
Space Shuttle
Spy Hunter
Star Trek Pro (Stern)
Star Trek the Next Generation
Star Wars
Stern Monopoly
Strange Science
Strikes N Spares
Super Orbit
Surf Champ
Tee'd Off
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Time 2000
Torpedo Alley
Total Nuclear Annihalation
Tri-Zone (Williams)
Williams Tradewinds (1961)
World Challenge Soccer

Arcade Video Games

Asteroids Deluxe - has Asteroids and Lunar Lander
Breakers Revenge
Capcom Bowling
Capcom Vs Snk 2
Centipede cabaret
Crystal Castles cocktail
Dig Dig
DK Cocktail
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Dragon's Lair
Extra Innings
Final Fight
Gauntlet Darlk Legacy
golden tee 2005
House of the dead 4
Initial D Stage 3
Killer Instinct 1
King of Fighters 99
Lethal Enforcers
Mario Bros
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Ms Pac Man
Ms. Pacman cocktail
Nintendo VS Excite Bike
Pac Man with speedup
Pac Plus
Pacman/Ms Pacman
Playchoice 10
Pole Position 2
Space Ace
Space Invaders
Space Invaders Deluxe
Street fighter 2
Tank!! Atari
Tekken 5.1
VS Super Mario Bros
Wizard of Wor

Bringing a Game?

Are you planning on bringing a full sized Arcade Video Game or Pinball Machine to the show? Thank you! Without people like you the show would not happen. For every day the game is at the show on free play you will receive a free admission and be registered for prizes. If you plan on bringing something, or have questions, send an email to bringmachine@louisvillearcade.com